Hi, my name is Janete Farias Weinstein, and I am owner and general manager of The Pet Assistant.   I live in Westchester California with my husband Don and our two babies, Baluga, a Lab mix and Ella an American Bulldog.  As far back as we can remember, we have had always had pets, whether, dogs, cats, turtles, fish, monkeys or birds.  Like many of you, I have many fond memories of my various pets growing up.  Of the 6 children my parents had, I was clearly the most likely to do something with and for animals.  Most of my childhood pictures are with my beloved family, but I am the one always holding or petting the family pet at the time.  I often got my mother angry by bringing home strays to take care of.  She would tell me to take the animal back, and I would agree to, but then secretly take care of them!

      Any way, The Pet Assistant is my passion now.  I have walked a couple other, more practical career paths in Accounting and Broadcasting but the satisfaction offered by each were a distant second to the fulfilling life of taking care of pets.  I figure I shouldn’t be selfish about my love for animals.  There are other lives to help.  I want to help clients like you go about your life without worry that your pet is missing contact with a caring human.  And of course, I want your pet to get the individual care and attention that you would give them if you could.

      I think what sets The Pet Assistant apart from other services is the personalized attention I give to my client’s pets.  I don’t just go through the motions of a walk or a house-sitting experience.  I am very aware that your relationship with your pet is an enriching, spiritual one. That is, every time you touch, play or converse with your animals, you are connecting to and nourishing their souls.  The Pet Assistant aims to stand in your shoes and continue the love and care that you have started so that your pet hardly notices that you were gone.

      To sum it up, I am so thrilled to be in this business because I believe pet ownership is truly one of those pure, universal, spiritual experiences that the deities have bestowed upon us.  The irony is that people often think that humans are here to ensure pets’ survival.  However, you and I both know that it is more than likely the other way around.

      Please feel free to contact us for more information on our personalized services.